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Each week for our Sunday Service we have our lay persons involved with the following roles:

Acolytes are lay volunteers who follow the Cross in the procession and recession and assist the priest during the worship service. An acolyte lights and sometimes carries candles, and helps in the preparation of communion. Youth and adults are encouraged to participate, so a training session is held every year for those interested. 

Altar Guild is a special group of lay persons who prepare the altar for services. The altar guild supervises all seasonal church decorations and is usually responsible for all flower arrangements. A member from the altar guild arrives early before the service to prepare the altar linens, and ensure our readiness for the worship service. Training for the altar guild is provided by the current members of the altar guild.

Chalice Bearer are persons either, ordained or lay, who administer the chalice during Communion. This position is for those of high school age or older who have completed a training session held with clergy regarding the discipline for distribution of the sacramental cup. Generally, two people are needed per service.

Lectors (Lay Readers) are lay persons who read the lectionary readings for the service consists of an Old Testament first reading, a psalm, a New Testament second reading, and the prayers of the people. In general a worship service has two lectors.

Tellers are lay volunteers who collect, count, record and deposit donations received at a church service. Tellers usually perform their duties following a church service. Tellers receive training and direction from the finance committee. Two tellers are required to handle donations at every church service.

Ushers are lay persons who distribute worship materials, answer questions about the church and service, welcome new comers and visitors, assist in seating those attending the service when asked. They also provide the count of the number of people attending the service. Our ushers arrive early before the service to ensure that all worship materials are ready for the church service.


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Sundays, 9:30 AM Holy Eucharist (Communion)

Communion is open to all persons